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Increased Production & Maximized Efficiency

Luxco, Munroe Material Handling Systems and other top-tier suppliers' work together to integrate case sealing equipment, print and apply labeling systems and palletizing equipment for the bottler of spirited brands.

Luxco LabelersAfter the bottled process is complete the individual bottles are inserted in an open case. They are then conveyed to the end of line operations where they are prepared for warehousing and shipping.

The first step in the post-filling operations is case sealing.  With the flaps up, the cases are guided through an automated case sealer which folds the flaps down and applies tape along the entire top surface as well as the leading and trailing edges.  The case sealer can accommodate many different sizes of cases as required by Luxco's diverse product line.

After the case is sealed it needs to be temporarily rotated 90 degree to apply a pressure sensitive label on the end of the case. Each case is rotated in the proper direction using a right-angle puller. It ensure a proper label application, the case is then gently oriented to a fixed guide on the label application equipment using skewed rollers on a live roller conveyor.Pallet Magazine 

After the label is applied, the case is then reoriented so that the label in now on the end and the case is traveling with the longest length in the direction of flow.  The sealed and labeled cases are then conveyed to an upper level in the facility where the palletizing operation is located.

A System For Diverse Products Was The Answer

Both fully automatic Von Gol Palletizer systems are high-speed top loading machines with automatic empty pallet magazines dispensers.   The sealed cases are conveyed from the lower floor and temporarily queued to allow the palletizer to orient the correct amount of cases in the correct position.  The machine then Palletizersproceeds to place the cases in the correct position on the pallet to form the correct pattern.  The pattern of rows and columns for each pallet has been pre-configured based on the case size and shipping requirements.  The pattern is easily changed to allow for fast changeovers.

The completed pallets are discharged and staged awaiting a material handler to properly inventory and warehouse the product

A Snapshot Of The Upgraded Assembly Line

Company: Luxco (formerly David Sherman Corporation)
Facility: Producer, bottler, importer & marketer of beverage alcohol products
Location: St. Louis, MO
Size: 200,000 sq. ft.
Employees: 150
Product Handled: Wine & Spirits
Throughput: 3.7 million cases per year
Types of Equipment: Palletizers, Conveyors, Tol-O-Matic Pull-Offs, Mezzanine
Controls: A-B PICO Controller
Equipment Suppliers: Hytrol, VonGal, Ebtech
Systems Integrators: Munroe Material Handling
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